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Premium Efficiency


Premium Efficiency from HCEM

In response to today's demand for maximum energy efficiency, HCEM is introducing a new premium efficiency  class of vacuum pumps and system solutions. The Premium Efficiency class from HCEM  brings together leading technologies with operational features that set new standards of efficiency.

Premium Efficiency embodies a comprehensive and integrated approach to energy consumption, efficiency, reliability, service and sustainability.

Features of our Premium Efficiency class include:
1.For the same level products , our compressor improve 50% life than other suppliers ,save 1/4 of the electricity, more better workmanship and appearance .

2.Motor material and workmanship improvement . (The material is for silicon steel grades 470 and A-class copper coil ), so that efficiency increased by 15% and help customers to save more electricity ) Savings of up to 40% on electrical energy usage .

3.For machining process ,full CNC machine, so that the accuracy of the accessories are controlled within 0.003mm, increasing the assembly accuracy while reducing product noise and increase the service life.

4.For the choice of wear and tear parts, we choose ERB, TPI, NSK, SKF bearings for different  environment , the piston ring is for imported raw materials from Germany , with military enterprises Processing of hard anodized cylinder, so that the compressor life can increase about 50%.

5.For the appearance, we will make three times for the painting process, after high temperature curing , the appearance will be more shiny, and more resistant to collision. And no smell.

6.Best-in-class energy efficiency based on integrated technology platforms

7.High reliability and reduced maintenance – backed by HCEM Service

8.Reduced total life cycle cost

9.Environmental sustainability through a reduced energy footprint

Total Efficiency – Our Comprehensive Approach

When a customer chooses one of our vacuum pumps, he or she benefits not only from best-in-class energy efficiency and reliability. The customer also profits from our vast experience in vacuum systems, and from HCEM Service – comprehensive on-site and off-site consulting and service.

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